US20160340526 Use of Tristyrylphenol Alkoxylate Sulfosuccinates in Emulsion Polymerization and Coatings

Publication Date:24.11.2016 

Disclosed are the use of novel surfactants for the synthesis of emulsion polymer latexes, particularly those used in paints, coatings, and pressure sensitive adhesives. The surfactant compositions for emulsion polymer latexes comprise sterically bulky surfactants whose composition comprises at least one alkoxylated polyaryl substituted aromatic sulfosuccinate compound. The novel surfactants provide for the production of stable, small particle size distribution emulsion polymer latexes. The resulting latexes, when formulated into latex paint, impart improvements in water resistance as measured by film opacity, blister resistance and improved leveling characteristics, and when formulated into pressure sensitive adhesives, provide improved water resistance characteristics as measured by film opacity.

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