WO2016188655 Aqueous base paint for producing a coating

Publication Date: 01.12.2016

Abstract:The invention relates to an aqueous two-component base paint (b) containing (b.1) a main component containing (1) at least one polyurethane resin with a hydroxyl number of 15 to 100 KOH/g and an acid number of 10 to 50 mg KOH/g, (2) at least one aqueous dispersion containing water and a polyurethane resin content consisting of at least one polyurethane resin, wherein the polyurethane content has a gel content of at least 50%, a glass transition temperature below -20 °C, and a melt transition temperature below 100 °C, and (3) at least one dying and/or effect-producing pigment, said at least one pigment (3) being used in the form of at least one pigment paste which contains at least one polyurethane resin (1) as the paste resin, and (b.2) a curing component containing (4) at least one hydrophilically modified polyisocyanate (4) with an isocyanate content of 8% to 18%.

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