Wetting agents for improved compatibility in waterborne coatings

Wetting agents are added to waterborne coatings to increase the wetting of the substrate, to improve the compatibility with pigments and other components, as well as, to reduce rub-out effects. At the same time wetting agents might have an influence on the coating’s storage stability, gloss, scrub resistance and foaming behavior. Tinted paints are highly complex systems. It can be a technical challenge for the paint formulator to select the right wetting agent to develop a stable, high performing coating formulation, especially when considering that the product’s sustainability aspects, such as low VOC / SVOC or ecolabel suitability, need to be taken into account.

The industry can choose from a variety of wetting agent chemistries. As a key supplier to paint formulators, Clariant understands that it is important to a paint formulator to identify in a short time the most appropriate product which solves formulation problems with respect to incompatibility. Clariant has therefore evaluated its range of wetting agents for acrylic lacquers and emulsion paints according to the following set of parameters. Our objective is to deliver our customers the best application solution for a long-lasting and sustainable business.

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