Novel high solid content Nano Siliconated poly (VeoVa-acrylate) Terpolymer latex for high performance latex paints

In view of good water repellency, weather resistance, and thermal stability of emulsion lattices, the present work aimed to prepare modified polyacrylate-based lattices containing silicone polymer, therefore, a conventional seeded emulsion polymerization was prepared by K2S2O8-initiation and by core/shell technique of three monomers namely MMA, BuA, and VeoVa-10, and a silicone monomer, namely, vinyltrimethoxy silane (VTMS). As a result, stable modified polyacrylate-based lattices with improved physico-mechanical properties were obtained. The effect of the VeoVa-10 and silane monomers content on the properties of the resulting emulsion lattices and their corresponding films were investigated and achieved enhanced and excellent properties. Characterization of the prepared emulsions was performed using e.g. IR, TEM, SEM, thermal analysis. The VeoVa-10 and VTMS amount has a great influence on the properties of the resulting lattices and their corresponding films. The novel waterborne poly (VeoVa-acrylate) Terpolymer latex containing silicone are characteristic of lower surface tension and better film properties such as improved thermal stability and enhanced water resistance.

In addition, evaluation of the novel high solid content Nano Siliconated poly (VeoVa-acrylate) Terpolymer latex as a binder in waterborne house-hold paints was carried out. The results indicated high performance paint films with excellent physico-mechanical properties and good water and weather resistance for exterior and interior house-hold walls.

Volume 301, 1 October 2016, Pages 285–298

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