The effects of tannins on adhesion strength and surface roughness of varnished wood after accelerated weathering

This study evaluated the effect of accelerated weathering on the adhesion strength and surface roughness of beech wood (Fagus orientalis) treated with mimosa and quebracho extracts and coated with polyurethane, water-based, and cellulosic varnishes. Untreated beech wood blocks and beech wood blocks treated with Tanalith-E were used as control samples. Test samples were exposed to accelerated weathering processes of 100 and 300 h. According to the test results, the mean adhesion strength of the wood samples impregnated with mimosa and quebracho tannins decreased by a maximum of 20%, while increases in the mean surface roughness (Ra) were detected. The highest adhesion strength and lowest mean surface roughness were obtained with polyurethane varnish. Moreover, the mean adhesion strength increased with the accelerated weathering up to 100 h and then decreased thereafter. As a result of the weathering process, the mean surface roughness increased and was thus negatively affected.

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Journal of Coatings Technology and Research

pp 1–9


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