Cardanol based aqueous 2K polyurethane coatings

Cardanol based aqueous 2K polyurethane coatings

Commercially aqueous 2K-Polyurethane coatings are developed by reacting water based polyols with water based polyisocyanates in a stoichiometric amount for number of end applications such as coatings, adhesives and paints. These water based polyols are mainly derived from petroleum based raw materials. Due to growing environmental and health related concerns on the use of petroleum based feed stocks; the exploration of renewable resources can be the only obvious option. The worldwide demand on the use of renewable materials is mainly due to the fact that these materials are non-toxic, non-poisonous, abundantly available and eco-friendly as compared to fossil resources.

In this regard, we have utilized one of the derivatives of cardanol, as a potential renewable resource to develop water based polyols for aqueous 2K-Polyurethane coatings. These polyols when cured with commercially available water based polyisocyanates resulted in crosslinked films. The developed polyols and cured coatings thereof were characterized by number of instrumental techniques like FTIR, NMR, DSC, TGA, EIS, and Tafel. The cured coatings were also characterized for general coatings properties to study the performance properties of cured coatings.

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Volume 85, December 2016, Pages 620–634

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