It’s not just paint, but the very finest industrial grade dry erase coating.  Low VOC and LEED compliant, ThinkPaint meets all indoor air quality environmental requirements making it a product you can buy with real confidence. Better than any whiteboard and greener, too!
All backed by 170 years of earning customer trust. We’re an old company known for new ideas and we like that. ThinkPaint gives you total design flexibility, commercial durability and a better value.  Long lasting and an end to expensive can’t-quite-clean whiteboards.
Congratulations. You and your team deserve the very best.  ThinkPaint.

In addition to Thinkpaint, each kit contains a nine inch microfiber roller, a low odor erasable pen, one pair disposable gloves, a three inch foam brush (for touch ups), paint mixer, one microfiber cloth for erasing, and a wet film thickness gauge.