Curable aqueous Polyurethane Dispersions made from Renewable Resources-EP3110868

Publication Date: 05.01.2017

Abstract: A curable aqueous polyurethane dispersion is formed by reacting a polyol a) component with a polyisocyanate b) in excess to form a polyurethane pre-polymer which is neutralized and dispersed before chain extending with a chain extender c) to form the final polyurethane polymer aqueous dispersion. The polyol a) component comprises a1) at least one non-ionic polyol, a 2) at least one polyol bearing at least one ionic or potentially ionic group comprising an acid group or salt thereofand a 3) at least one ethylenically unsaturated monoalcohol or polyol. The polyol component contains carbon atoms from renewable resources. A method for making the curable aqueous polyurethane dispersion, uses of the aqueous polyurethane dispersion, cured polyurethanes are also disclosed.

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