Superhydrophobic epoxy coating modified by fluorographene used for anti-corrosion and self-cleaning

A facile method for the fabrication of organic coating with superhydrophobic surface on copper substrate is presented in this paper. Liquid-phase exfoliated fluorographene (FG) nanosheets, a low-surface-energy material with different sizes and shapes, are spatially stuck on the surface of epoxy resin coating to build rough surface with random micro/nano structure. The built coating system displays superior protection performances due to its self-cleaning function, mechanical abrasion resistance and chemical stability both in acidic and alkaline aqueous solutions. It not only provides a facile process for superhydrophobic modification of organic coating, but also introduces a new and effective strategy to protect materials by synergistically coupling the protection function of both superhydrophobic surface and organic coating, which can be used for large-scale manufacturing of superhydrophobic organic coating in industrial applications.

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Available online 3 January 2017

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