Organic–inorganic hybrid linseed oil-based urethane oil wood coatings

To prepare alkoxysilane-functionalized urethane oil (AFUO) using linseed oil, 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) was first reacted with diisocyanate to obtain an NCO-terminating oligomer. The reaction was continued by adding linseed oil glyceride to form an AFUO prepolymer. The auto-oxidative drying coating was obtained after adding a metal dryer to the AFUO prepolymer. Urethane oil (UO) coating, as a control, was obtained by the same procedure as that for AFUO, but without containing alkoxysilane-functional groups in the formation. Siloxane hybrid urethane oil (SHUO) wood coatings were prepared by mixing tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) solutions, as an external crosslinking agent by sol–gel process, with the AFUO and UO coatings. We found that introducing of APTES into the molecular chains of the UO coating resulted in a film with superior impact and abrasion resistance, and it is the most efficient process to enhance the UO films. The addition of TEOS into AFUO coatings shortened the curing time and further improved the crosslinking density of the AFUO films; however, the physical properties like impact resistance, bending resistance, and gloss were even worse than AFUO films. Mixing of TEOS and UO coating also shorten the curing time and improved the heat resistance, lightfastness, and hardness of the UO coating.

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