Heat-resistant coatings based on conventional silicone resin solutions dry to a tack-free coating film solely due to physical evaporation of the solvent. The first time the film is heated, it initially resoftens before the onset of curing at 200 °C. Usually, undesirable smoking occurs too. With SILRES® MSE 100 binder, these problems are a thing of the past. What Distinguishes SILRES® MSE 100 from Conventional Types? Conventional liquid silicone resin binders contain high-molecular, film-forming polymers that are typically dissolved in an aromatic solvent. Drying and film formation occur solely due to physical evaporation of the solvent. By contrast, SILRES® MSE 100 is a liquid silicone resin (> 99% solids) that dries as a result of a chemical reaction. SILRES® MSE 100 is a blend of the methyl esters of various methyl polysilicic acids. In the presence of humidity and a catalyst, the product reacts rapidly through hydrolysis and condensation to become a solid silicone resin with great hardness. This coating will also not soften when heated anymore. As the condensation is accompanied by volume contraction, SILRES® MSE 100 is recommended as a binder for pigmented and highly filled paints and coatings. To attain the necessary adhesion to the substrate, the dry film thickness should not exceed 25 µm.

SILRES® MSE 100 is the methyl ester of a mixture of different oligomeric methylsilicates. It is a methoxyfunctional methyl poly siloxane.

Typical general characteristics
Property Inspection Method Value
The figures are intended as a guide and should not be used in preparing specifications.
Density 1.14 g/cm³
Flash point ISO 3679 69 °C
Ignition temperature (liquids) 220 °C
Viscosity, kinematic DIN 51562 20 – 35 mm²/s

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Source: Wacker Chemie AG