Polyurethane/silica aerogel as acoustic insulation coatings

In this investigation, silica aerogel (SA)/Rigid Polyurethane (PUR) foam composites and silica aerogel/Polyurethane (PU) composites were prepared by dry mixing of granular and grinded silica aerogels with polyol part. They were then combined with diisocyanate part. Three different types of PUR foams and an elastomeric coating grade of PU were studied as well. Results show that thermal conductivity of foams did not decrease by adding silica aerogel. It even increased for some grades which is assumed to be due to the change in cell configuration of these foams. It was also found that sound insulation performance of these cellular composites did not improve significantly. Unlike foam composites, addition of silica aerogel into elastomeric PU improved its thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Because of the more promising properties of elastomeric PU composites, further examinations including measurements of compression strength and water contact angle of silica aerogel/PU composites were also taken. Final results showed a significant improvement in general properties of PU coatings by adding little amounts of silica aerogel (1–4 wt %).

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