Smart Coatings is the premier event for updates on the most recent emerging technologies and opportunities in coatings, functional polymers, processes, and allied materials presented by world-renowned scientists and technologists. 

February 22-24, 2017 – Orlando, Florida, USA

Symposium Schedule:

Session I

Wednesday, February 22 — 8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Welcome and Opening Remarks: Science and Technologies of Smart and Functional Materials.
Prof. Jamil Baghdachi; Chair, Eastern Michigan University, USA

Say ‘no’ to Biofouling: Slippery Coatings that Resist Adhesion of Biological Matter.
Prof. Joanna Aizenberg; Harvard University, USA

Poly(ionic liquid) Coatings: Ionic Chameleons.
Prof. G. Kane Jennings; Vanderbilt University, USA

Stimuli-responsive Behavior of Composites Integrating Thermo-responsive Gels with Photo-responsive Fibers.
Prof. Anna Balazs; University of Pittsburgh, USA

Innovative Nanopigments for Protective Organic Coatings: Corrosion Efficiency of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles.
Prof. Flavio Deflorian; University of Trento, Italy

Elastomeric Coatings for Ballistic and Impact Protection
Dr. Michael Roland; Naval Research Laboratory, USA

Novel Hydrogel Coating that Absorbs Humidity for Increased Comfort and Skin Health in Absorbent Articles.
Dr. Gavin MacDonald; Kimberly-Clark Corporation, USA

Session II

Wednesday, February 22 — 1:30-5:00 p.m.

Elastomeric Coatings for Ballistic and Impact Protection.
Dr. Michael Roland; Naval Research Laboratory, USA

Drying Kinetics in Nanoscale Polymer Films and Coatings Towards Interfaces.
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schabel; Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany

Self-Assembling Transparent, Robust, Scratch Resistant, High Temperature, Superhydrophobic Coatings.
Prof. Alfredo Alexander-Katz; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Controlled Silica Templation Technologies for Antireflective Coatings
Prof. Rolf van Benthem; DSM Ahead B.V. and Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

GISAXS study of Quantum Structure Arrays in Thin Films on a Laboratory Multipurpose Diffractometer.
Dr. Michael Hawkridge; PANalytical, USA

In-Situ Rheological Analysis of UV Curable Acrylic Based Optical Clear Adhesives (OCAs) via UV Irradiation.
Dr. Hyungmin Park; Research Institute of Chemical Technology, South Korea

Effect of Biodegradable Polymer Coatings on Enhanced Nutrient Efficiency of Fertilizer In Agricultural Use.
Dr. Amrei Voelkner; EuroChem Agro GmbH, Germany

Durable Superhydrophobic Optical Thin Films.
Dr. John Simpson; University of Tennessee, USA

Emulsion Polymerization of Hydrophobic Monomers Using Calfax 16L-35 (Sodium Hexadecyl Diphenyl Oxide Disulfonate).
Dr. Binh Nguyen; Pilot Chemical Company, USA

Session III

Thursday, February 23 — 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

New Designs and Architectures in Block Copolymers:  Thin Film Coating Properties.
Dr. Robert Allen; IBM Research, USA

Chemical Protective Coatings for Warfighter Relevant Applications.
Dr. Brandy White; Naval Research Laboratory USA

Flame Retardant Coatings for Plastics.
Prof. M. Jimenez; Université Lille Nord de France, ENSCL, France

Fabrication and Applications of Surfaces with Stimuli Responsive Philicity/Phobicity.
Dr. Jeffrey Alston; Air Force Research Laboratory, USA

Hybrid Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogel-Driven Microstructured Surfaces: from Chemomechanics to Homeostasis and Catch-and-Release of Biomolecules.
Dr. Michael Aizenberg; Harvard University, USA

Corrosion and Degradation Sensing Coatings
Prof. Jamil Baghdachi; Eastern Michigan University, USA

Smart Polymeric Materials Derived from Porous Crystals.
Prof. Kenta Kokado; Hokkaido University, Japan

Bi-Functional Cotton Fabrics for the Rapid and Efficient Separation of Oil from Emulsions by Filtration.
Prof. Guojun Liu; Queen’s University, Canada

Sivate – Activated and Enhanced Silanes for Improved Adhesion.
Ms. Annalese Maddox; Gelest, Inc., USA

Session IV

Thursday, February 23 — 1:30-5:00 p.m.

Selective Reflection and MEMS Devices from Cellulose Nanocrystal Coatings.
Prof. Virginia A. Davis; Auburn University, USA

Transparent Functional Coatings on Glass by a Spray Process.
Dr. Songwei Lu; PPG Industries, USA

Transparent Anti-fogging Films Possessing Self-healing Properties.
Dr. Tomoya Sato; Nat’l Inst. of Adv. Indust. Sci. and Tech., Japan

POSS Epoxy and Acrylic Additives for Optical Coatings.
Dr. Joseph D. Lichtenhan; Hybrid Plastics Inc., USA

Dr. Martha Williams; NASA, Kennedy Space Center, USA

Impact Resistant, Transparent Thin Coating Platform.
Nanoparticle Embedded Organic-Inorganic Hybrid AR Coatings for Solar Cell Efficiency Enhancement.
Dr. Puruswottam Aryal and Dr. Jacob Schliesser; Metashield, LLC., USA

Smart Coatings Made Smarter Using Titanates and Zirconates.
Mr. Salvatore J. Monte; Kenrich Petro Chemicals Inc., USA

Session V

Friday, February 24 — 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Bottlebrush Elastomers: A New Molecular Paradigm for Prestrain-Free Electroactive Polymers.
Prof. Richard Spontak; North Carolina State University, USA

Synthesis and Evaluation of Functional Coatings to Enhance Sensor Reliability for Autonomous Driving.
Dr. Sabrina Peczonczyk; Ford Motor Company, USA

Indium Tin Oxide Coated Biodegradable Substrate for the Flexible Display Devices.
Prof. Hamad Al-Turaif; King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia

Omniconjugated Polymers Based on Thiophene Group and their Applications as Smart Coatings
Dr. Peter Zarras; Naval Air Warfare Center, USA

Extremely Stretchable Coatings for Super-repellent Flexible Electronics
Dr. Joseph Mates; Air Force Research Laboratory, USA

Durable Coatings with Low Ice Adhesion for Aerospace Applications
Dr. Mikhail Khudiakov; PPG Aerospace, USA

Novel Intrinsically Self-Healing and Strong Materials.
Dr. Angela Smits; Croda Coatings & Polymers, the Netherlands

New Strategies for Design of Active Surfaces and Interfaces based on Polymer-Modified Hybrid Janus Particles
Dr. Alla Synytska; Leibniz Inst. for Polym. Res., Dresden Univ. of Technol., Germany

Nanostructured Hybrid Oligomer Composition.
Dr. Oleg Figovsky; Hybrid Coating Technologies, Inc., USA

Concluding Remarks
Prof. Jamil Baghdachi; Eastern Michigan University, USA

Poster Presentations

Location, date, and time will be announced 15 January 2017.

Protein Drug Immobilization by Phosphonated UV-Curable Low-Molecular-Weight Chitosan Derivative on the Surface of Titanium.
Prof. Tae-Il Son; Chung-Ang University, Republic of Korea

Si-Modified Natural Rubber Latexes for Coating Applications.
Dr. Nantana Jiratumnukul; Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Corrosion Inhibition Lithium-Based Of Siloxane-PMMA Hybrid Coatings with Self-Healing Ability.
Ms. Andressa Trentin; UNESP-Univ Estadual Paulista, Brazil

pH Controlled Electrochemical Deposition of Polyelectrolyte Complex Films.
Mr. Kazi Sadman; Northwestern University, USA

Fluorescence Studies for Online Controlling of the Curing and Post-curing State of Polysiloxane Coatings for Release Liners Application.
Ms. Xihomara Casallas; Osnabrück University, Osnabrück, Germany

Self-stratifying Fire Retardant Coatings
Ms. A. Beaugendre; Université Lille Nord de France, ENSCL, France

Dual Hierarchical Superomniphobic Coatings Based on Fluorodecyl Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (Fluoro-POSS) and a Fluoroelastomer
Mr. Quoc Truong, U.S. Army Natick Soldier RDE Center, USA

Mr. Peter Goldberg, University of Michigan, USA

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