Smart Coatings 2017

Smart Coatings 2017

Smart Coatings is the premier event for updates on the most recent emerging technologies and opportunities in coatings, functional polymers, processes, and allied materials presented by world-renowned scientists and technologists. 

February 22-24, 2017 – Orlando, Florida, USA

Symposium Schedule:

Session I

Wednesday, February 22 — 8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Welcome and Opening Remarks: Science and Technologies of Smart and Functional Materials.
Prof. Jamil Baghdachi; Chair, Eastern Michigan University, USA

Say ‘no’ to Biofouling: Slippery Coatings that Resist Adhesion of Biological Matter.
Prof. Joanna Aizenberg; Harvard University, USA

Poly(ionic liquid) Coatings: Ionic Chameleons.
Prof. G. Kane Jennings; Vanderbilt University, USA

Stimuli-responsive Behavior of Composites Integrating Thermo-responsive Gels with Photo-responsive Fibers.
Prof. Anna Balazs; University of Pittsburgh, USA

Innovative Nanopigments for Protective Organic Coatings: Corrosion Efficiency of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles.
Prof. Flavio Deflorian; University of Trento, Italy

Elastomeric Coatings for Ballistic and Impact Protection
Dr. Michael Roland; Naval Research Laboratory, USA

Novel Hydrogel Coating that Absorbs Humidity for Increased Comfort and Skin Health in Absorbent Articles.
Dr. Gavin MacDonald; Kimberly-Clark Corporation, USA

Session II

Wednesday, February 22 — 1:30-5:00 p.m.

Elastomeric Coatings for Ballistic and Impact Protection.
Dr. Michael Roland; Naval Research Laboratory, USA

Drying Kinetics in Nanoscale Polymer Films and Coatings Towards Interfaces.
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schabel; Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany

Self-Assembling Transparent, Robust, Scratch Resistant, High Temperature, Superhydrophobic Coatings.
Prof. Alfredo Alexander-Katz; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Controlled Silica Templation Technologies for Antireflective Coatings
Prof. Rolf van Benthem; DSM Ahead B.V. and Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

GISAXS study of Quantum Structure Arrays in Thin Films on a Laboratory Multipurpose Diffractometer.
Dr. Michael Hawkridge; PANalytical, USA

In-Situ Rheological Analysis of UV Curable Acrylic Based Optical Clear Adhesives (OCAs) via UV Irradiation.
Dr. Hyungmin Park; Research Institute of Chemical Technology, South Korea

Effect of Biodegradable Polymer Coatings on Enhanced Nutrient Efficiency of Fertilizer In Agricultural Use.
Dr. Amrei Voelkner; EuroChem Agro GmbH, Germany

Durable Superhydrophobic Optical Thin Films.
Dr. John Simpson; University of Tennessee, USA

Emulsion Polymerization of Hydrophobic Monomers Using Calfax 16L-35 (Sodium Hexadecyl Diphenyl Oxide Disulfonate).
Dr. Binh Nguyen; Pilot Chemical Company, USA

Session III

Thursday, February 23 — 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

New Designs and Architectures in Block Copolymers:  Thin Film Coating Properties.
Dr. Robert Allen; IBM Research, USA

Chemical Protective Coatings for Warfighter Relevant Applications.
Dr. Brandy White; Naval Research Laboratory USA

Flame Retardant Coatings for Plastics.
Prof. M. Jimenez; Université Lille Nord de France, ENSCL, France

Fabrication and Applications of Surfaces with Stimuli Responsive Philicity/Phobicity.
Dr. Jeffrey Alston; Air Force Research Laboratory, USA

Hybrid Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogel-Driven Microstructured Surfaces: from Chemomechanics to Homeostasis and Catch-and-Release of Biomolecules.
Dr. Michael Aizenberg; Harvard University, USA

Corrosion and Degradation Sensing Coatings
Prof. Jamil Baghdachi; Eastern Michigan University, USA

Smart Polymeric Materials Derived from Porous Crystals.
Prof. Kenta Kokado; Hokkaido University, Japan

Bi-Functional Cotton Fabrics for the Rapid and Efficient Separation of Oil from Emulsions by Filtration.
Prof. Guojun Liu; Queen’s University, Canada

Sivate – Activated and Enhanced Silanes for Improved Adhesion.
Ms. Annalese Maddox; Gelest, Inc., USA

Session IV

Thursday, February 23 — 1:30-5:00 p.m.

Selective Reflection and MEMS Devices from Cellulose Nanocrystal Coatings.
Prof. Virginia A. Davis; Auburn University, USA

Transparent Functional Coatings on Glass by a Spray Process.
Dr. Songwei Lu; PPG Industries, USA

Transparent Anti-fogging Films Possessing Self-healing Properties.
Dr. Tomoya Sato; Nat’l Inst. of Adv. Indust. Sci. and Tech., Japan

POSS Epoxy and Acrylic Additives for Optical Coatings.
Dr. Joseph D. Lichtenhan; Hybrid Plastics Inc., USA

Dr. Martha Williams; NASA, Kennedy Space Center, USA

Impact Resistant, Transparent Thin Coating Platform.
Nanoparticle Embedded Organic-Inorganic Hybrid AR Coatings for Solar Cell Efficiency Enhancement.
Dr. Puruswottam Aryal and Dr. Jacob Schliesser; Metashield, LLC., USA

Smart Coatings Made Smarter Using Titanates and Zirconates.
Mr. Salvatore J. Monte; Kenrich Petro Chemicals Inc., USA

Session V

Friday, February 24 — 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Bottlebrush Elastomers: A New Molecular Paradigm for Prestrain-Free Electroactive Polymers.
Prof. Richard Spontak; North Carolina State University, USA

Synthesis and Evaluation of Functional Coatings to Enhance Sensor Reliability for Autonomous Driving.
Dr. Sabrina Peczonczyk; Ford Motor Company, USA

Indium Tin Oxide Coated Biodegradable Substrate for the Flexible Display Devices.
Prof. Hamad Al-Turaif; King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia

Omniconjugated Polymers Based on Thiophene Group and their Applications as Smart Coatings
Dr. Peter Zarras; Naval Air Warfare Center, USA

Extremely Stretchable Coatings for Super-repellent Flexible Electronics
Dr. Joseph Mates; Air Force Research Laboratory, USA

Durable Coatings with Low Ice Adhesion for Aerospace Applications
Dr. Mikhail Khudiakov; PPG Aerospace, USA

Novel Intrinsically Self-Healing and Strong Materials.
Dr. Angela Smits; Croda Coatings & Polymers, the Netherlands

New Strategies for Design of Active Surfaces and Interfaces based on Polymer-Modified Hybrid Janus Particles
Dr. Alla Synytska; Leibniz Inst. for Polym. Res., Dresden Univ. of Technol., Germany

Nanostructured Hybrid Oligomer Composition.
Dr. Oleg Figovsky; Hybrid Coating Technologies, Inc., USA

Concluding Remarks
Prof. Jamil Baghdachi; Eastern Michigan University, USA

Poster Presentations

Location, date, and time will be announced 15 January 2017.

Protein Drug Immobilization by Phosphonated UV-Curable Low-Molecular-Weight Chitosan Derivative on the Surface of Titanium.
Prof. Tae-Il Son; Chung-Ang University, Republic of Korea

Si-Modified Natural Rubber Latexes for Coating Applications.
Dr. Nantana Jiratumnukul; Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Corrosion Inhibition Lithium-Based Of Siloxane-PMMA Hybrid Coatings with Self-Healing Ability.
Ms. Andressa Trentin; UNESP-Univ Estadual Paulista, Brazil

pH Controlled Electrochemical Deposition of Polyelectrolyte Complex Films.
Mr. Kazi Sadman; Northwestern University, USA

Fluorescence Studies for Online Controlling of the Curing and Post-curing State of Polysiloxane Coatings for Release Liners Application.
Ms. Xihomara Casallas; Osnabrück University, Osnabrück, Germany

Self-stratifying Fire Retardant Coatings
Ms. A. Beaugendre; Université Lille Nord de France, ENSCL, France

Dual Hierarchical Superomniphobic Coatings Based on Fluorodecyl Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (Fluoro-POSS) and a Fluoroelastomer
Mr. Quoc Truong, U.S. Army Natick Soldier RDE Center, USA

Mr. Peter Goldberg, University of Michigan, USA

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