Advanced Coatings 2017-Conference

Advanced Coatings 2017-Conference

Advanced Coatings and Characterization Methods
Houston, TX,
April 9-10, 2017

CONTENT:  Coatings based on polymer nanocomposites, organic-inorganic hybrid materials, alloys, and 2-D nanomaterials are some of the most important developments in creating smart coatings that are capable of self-healing, superhydrophobicity, stimuli-responsiveness, sensory functions, and high performance under extreme conditions. This translates to toughened properties for anti-corrosion, high resistance to abrasion, de-icing properties, stability under multiphase fluids, and high barrier function. On the other hand, aesthetic qualities, gloss control, high transparency, and anti-scratch resistance are important for architectural and other consumer demands. It is important to understand not only the fundamentals of formulations, coatings, and curing methods but also the synergistic functionalities that contribute to overall long-term performance and cost-effectiveness. It will be of high interest to understand the commonalities and requirements in industrial coatings, architecturial coatings, barrier packaging, optical, and solid state device coatings.

RELEVANCE: This conference is open to both the novice and the highly experienced researcher. For the researcher, it will connect real-world applications with new technology platforms and investigative methods. It will be highly valued by technical and marketing managers in the new knowledge gained on upcoming materials and methods. The participant will learn the new developments in coatings technologies and the use of smart additives and new formulations methods including nanomaterials.  On the other hand, it is also a training venue for mastering the fundamentals of coatings technology, characterization techniques, corrosion evaluation, metrology, etc.  in a relatively short time.

NETWORKING: The conference has been highly valued for the networking opportunities between experts and decision makers in R&D and marketing both in industry and academia. It will provide opportunities to meet with different companies and solution providers in materials, formulations, analytical methods, and project services.


Day -1: Polymer Coatings and Nanostructured Materials
Introduction to Advanced Coatings and PETRO Case

Superhydrophobic Coatings
High Performance Polymers and Industrial Coatings
Nanostructured Composites and NanoMaterials in Coatings

Layer-by-Layer Coatings
Waterborne Coatings and Emulsions
Coating Application Methods Tutorial
Additive Manufacturing and 3-D Printing in Packaging and Design

LCA Methods and Sustainable Coatings
Others:  Self-Healing, Anti-microbial, De-Icing Coatings and EMI Shielding
Optical and Photonic Coatings
Applications in Automotive, Architectural, Consumer and Display Devices

Day -2 Corrosion and Characterization-Analytical Methods

Corrosion and Inihibitors Introduction
Characterization and Analytical Tools for Coatings

Electrochemical Methods for Evaluating Corrosion

High Throughput Characterization of Corrosion Inhibitors
Anti-corrosion Coatings for Oil & Gas and Geothermal Energy Needs
Coatings for Marine Applications
Asset Integrity Management
Product Development vs Reverse Engineering Methods
Thickness Measurement Methods
Standards for Testing Coatings
SFG-Imaging Methods for Corrosion
Raman Imaging and Coatings Characterization Methods
AFM-IR Methods for Evaluating Corrosion
Rheological Investigation Methods
Thermal Analysis Methods

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