New exhibition for the Polyurethane Industry: PSE Europe 27-29 June 2017 in Munich

New exhibition for the Polyurethane Industry: PSE Europe 27-29 June 2017 in Munich

The use of Polyurethanes is continuously growing, in particular for new applications in industry sectors such as automotive, construction, bedding, electrical appliances, footwear, furniture, transport and packaging. The versatile, durable and lightweight material has become a cost-effective alternative for the design of compounds and product solutions. For manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials, processing machinery and PU systems, the expansion of PU applications across a large number of different manufacturing sectors opens up entirely new markets offering an enormous business potential.

With PSE Europe 2017 we offer the PU industry a dedicated marketplace where raw material manufacturers as well as equipment and system suppliers will meet with a professional audience of buyers and users looking for innovative technology and bespoke solutions. The show is targeted to trade visitors from all industry sectors involved in processing PU or applying PU solutions within their manufacturing processes. A central focus of the event will be the live presentation of equipment and applications to demonstrate the potential of PU in entirely new fields and as a top-quality alternative to other materials. The exhibition experience will be rounded off by a selection of feature areas providing room for networking, exchange of expertise and knowledge transfer.

PSE Europe will take place in Munich, one of Germany’s major industrial hubs. Key drivers of innovation in the material science and production sectors, such as the automotive industry, are based in and around the Bavarian capital. With its excellent infrastructure, Munich is a renowned business centre for visitors from Germany’s neighbouring countries as well as worldwide regions.

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