6th International Architectural Paint Research Conference

6th International Architectural Paint Research Conference

The 6th International Architectural Paint Research Conference will be hosted by Columbia University in New York City from March 15 to 17, 2017.  The theme of the conference, Powers of Ten, is reference to a short film from 1977 by Charles and Ray Eames.  Like the film, Architectural Paint Research (APR) deals with magnitudes of scale, from a single pigment particle, to a painted house, to the decorative tastes of an entire region. In the spirit of the film, the 2017 APR conference aims to take a closer look at how we carry out our research at every level, from the micro to the macroscopic.

The 6th International Architectural Paint Research Conference draws on the successes of five previous APR conferences: Stockholm (2014), Lincoln, England (2010), New York (2008), Copenhagen (2005) and London (2000).

Tentative Agenda – Subject to Change

Wednesday, March 15

Time Presentation Speaker(s)
9:00am Opening Remarks Mary Jablonski (Jablonski Building Conservation, Inc.), Conference Committee Co-Chair
9:15am Welcome Address Jorge Otero-Pailos, Director, Columbia University Historic Preservation Program
9:45am Keynote Address: A Century of Color in America Doty Horn (Founding Director of Colorvoyant), USA
10:45am coffee break
Session 1: Micro to Macro, Case Studies I
11:15am Opening Remarks session moderator
11:20am Sir John Soane’s Forgotten Interiors, Pitzhanger Manor Rosemarie Shaw and Paul Humpreys (Hare and Humpreys), UK
11:40am The Original Appearance of the ‘Painted Chamber’ in Huis de Dieu, Alkmaar (1742-1745): the Discovery of a Remarkable Finish Ige Verslype (Delft University of Technology and Rijksmuseum), Hinke Sigmond (Sigmond Conservation and Restoration), Richard Harmanni (Independent Art Historian), Katrien Keune (Rijksmuseum), Margriet van Eikema Hommes (Delft University of Technology and Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands), Netherlands
12:00pm The Government Hospital for the Insane: A Finish Analysis of the Center Building, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Emily Aloiz and Amanda Edwards (John Milner Associates Preservation), USA
12:20pm Investigation of Paint Instability and Conservation Requirements for Decorative Auditorium Buildings and Library Ceilings Nancy Binnie, Wendy Baker, Elizabeth Moffat, Margaret-Ashley Veall, Kate Helwig, Jennifer Poulin (Canadian Conservation Institute), Canada
12:40pm 10 minute question and answer period
12:50pm lunch (provided)
Session 2: Non-Traditional and Overlooked Finishes
1:55pm Opening Remarks session moderator
2:00pm Limewashed Island: Architectural Finish in Early Bermuda Edward Chappell and Kirsten Travers Moffitt (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation), USA
2:20pm Sgraffito Paintings Conservation in Israel Shay Farkash (Studio Tchelet) and Mika Tal, Israel
2:40pm K.B. Hallen: a Modernist Building in the Transition between Tradition and Industrial Evolution Johanne Mogensen (National Museum of Denmark), Denmark
3:00pm Making the Traditional Non-Traditional: the Architectural Finishes of Frank Lloyd Wright Dorothy Krotzer (Building Conservation Associates Inc.) and Lauren Drapala (DBVW Architects), USA
3:20pm 10 minute question and answer period
3:30pm coffee break
Session 3: Replication of Historic Finishes
4:00pm Opening Remarks session moderator
4:05pm Challenges in distinguishing similar colours – what exactly is the difference between ochre and raw sienna? And of what importance is it in the context of APR and the reconstruction of historical finishes? Anne Milnes (Paintings Conservator in Private Practice), Norway
4:25pm From Pigments to Parlor Walls: Contemporary Practice in the Reproduction of Historic Paints Christopher Mills (Christopher Mills Conservation Services, LLC), and Erika Sanchez Goodwillie (Freelance Historical Painter), USA
4:45pm Finding the Right Yellow: Fine Tuning a Color in Stenton’s Yellow Lodging Room Catherine Myers (Myers Conservation) and Laura Keim (Stenton), USA
5:05pm 10 minute question and answer period, and closing remarks


Thursday, March 16

Time Presentation Speaker(s)
9:00am Welcome & Introduction Kirsten Travers Moffitt (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation), Conference Committee Co-chair
9:05am Special Guest Lecture Dennis Carr (Carolyn and Peter Lynch Curator of Decorative Arts and Sculpture, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), USA
Session 4: Wallpaper
9:55am Opening Remarks session moderator
10:00am Finishes for the American Home: DDT Clear Coatings and Wallpaper Judy Jacob (National Park Service), USA
10:25am 5 minute question and answer period
10:30am coffee break
Session 5: APR Standards
11:00am Presentation from the APR Standards Committee formed at the Stockholm 2014 APR Conference
Panel Discussion to follow
12:00pm lunch (provided)
2:00pm Afternoon Tours
7:00pm Evening Reception, Location TBD


Friday, March 17

Time Presentation Speaker(s)
Session 6: Micro to Macro, Case Studies II
8:55am Opening Remarks session moderator
9:00am Kalsomine Paint: What is it and what does it Matter? Mary Jablonski (Jablonski Building Conservation), USA
9:20am Conservation Research on Architectural Ceiling Painting in Donghua Men (the East City Entrance Gate), Forbidden City Li Guanghua and Lei Yong (Palace Museum), China
9:40am Determining the Early Eighteenth-Century Colour Scheme of the ‘Golden Room’ in the Mauritshuis, The Hague Margriet van Eikema Hommes (Delft University of Technology and Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands) and Katrien Keune (Rijksmuseum), Netherlands
10:00am W.R. Emerson’s Eustis Estate: Utilizing APR to Understand an Aesthetic Movement Masterpiece Amy Cole Ives (Sutherland Conservation and Consulting), USA
10:20am 10 minute question and answer session
10:30am coffee break
Session 7: Expanding the APR Toolbox
11:00am Opening Remarks session moderator
11:05am On-site Pre-embedding of Samples for Cross-sections Nynne R. Sethia (Den Gamle By), Denmark
11:25am Performing an Architectural Paint Research Digitally: Report on Developments Within Documentation Software Focussing on the Interpretation of Colours, Textures, and Painted Layers Edwin Verweij (Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research), Norway, and David Edvarson (K-Konservator), Sweden
11:45am Experiencing Ancient Polychromy at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Temple of Dendur Erin Peters (University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Museum of Natural History), USA, Matt Felsen, and Maria Paula Saba
12:05pm Utilization/Interpretation of Paint Cross-Sections to Characterize Preparatory and Design Layers to Guide and Inform Decorative Paint Exposure Work Melissa McGrew (Building Conservation Associates), USA
12:25pm 10 minute question and answer session
12:35pm lunch (provided)
Session 8: Student Papers
1:55pm Opening Remarks session moderator
2:00pm ‘Derailing’ the Myth of Gilded Age Decoration: a Case Study of the Painted Decoration in the Grand Isle Private Car Emily Wroczynski (Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation), USA
2:15pm Exterior Colour Schemes of Historic Wooden Buildings in the Kassisaba District of Tallinn, Estonia Claudia Valge (Cultural Heritage and Conservation/Estonian Academy of Arts), Estonia
2:30pm Analytical Techniques in Architectural Paint Research: When is Enough, Enough? Meredith Freeman, doctoral student, Conservation of Cultural Heritage (University of Lincoln), UK
2:45pm 10 minute question and answer session
2:55pm coffee break
Session 9: Powers of Ten, The Big Picture
3:30pm Opening Remarks session moderator
3:35pm History of Painted Facades from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century in the Flemish Region of Belgium Ann Verdonck (Independent Paint Analyst and Researcher and Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel), and Marjolein Deceuninck (Independent Paint Analyst and Researcher), Belgium
3:55pm Understanding Popular Early Twentieth Century Architectural Painting Schemes in Singapore Kang Shua Yeo and Tan U-Xan (Singapore University of Technology and Design/Conservation Studio), Singapore
4:15pm Detective Required! The Quest to Find the Original Visible Finish Layer in Twentieth-Century Architecture Angelique Friedrichs and Stijn Lenaerts (Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg), and Mariel Polman (RCE/Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands), Netherlands
4:35pm The Tasteful Tenement: Forgotten Finishes at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum Stephanie Hoagland (Jablonski Building Conservation), USA
4:55pm 10 minute question and answer session
5:05pm Closing Remarks and Conclusion

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