Encapsulation of benzotriazole (BTA) inhibitors in prepared SiO2 nanoparticle based polyelectrolyte nanocontainers, and self-releasing of the inhibitors for corrosion inhibition to a pipeline steel in a chloride solution was studied by Canadian researchers. The nanocontainers can be dispersed uniformly in an industry-used epoxy coating.  The encapsulated BTA can self-release for corrosion inhibition in response to changes of solution pH. or the steel coated with the intelligent coating, the corrosion inhibition is time dependent upon self-releasing of the encapsulated inhibitors from the nanocontainers. With the increasing content of the nanocontainers in the coating, both the coating resistance and the corrosion resistance of the steel increase. The released inhibitors inhibit the steel corrosion by forming a layer of inhibitor-adsorptive film, which is detected on the steel surface after 30 days of immersion in the solution by elemental and structural characterizations.

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Available online 18 January 2017