Trilene® EPDM Rubber based coatings

Trilene® EPDM Rubber based coatings

The performance of traditional EPDM now in Liquid form for coatings application
Lion has pioneered the use of EPDM in new applications leading to the introduction of Trilene® Liquid EPDM polymers to the coatings industry.

Trilene® 65, a low molecular weight EPDM terpolymer, provides coatings formulators with excellent durability under the harshest environmental conditions, strong adhesion to a variety of substrates, and superior impact resistance and flexibility at low temperatures. Trilene® 65 can be formulated into high solids, VOC compliant coatings that have the extremely high durability of traditional EPDM materials.

• Exceptional resistance to ozone, UV, water and chemical degradation
• Extremely low moisture permeability
• Strong adhesion to most substrates
• Hydrophobic with low surface energy
• Heat, UV and chemical cross-linking options
• Superior toughness, and impact resistance, even at low temperatures
• Supports high filler and plasticizer loading
• Extremely flexible and abrasion resistant
• Unique electrical properties

The exceptional durability and toughness of traditional EPDM is now available in a low viscosity form for coatings formulators


  • Roof Coatings
  • Barrier coatings that provide air, water or chemical impermeability
  • DTM or system applications in corrosive environments
  • Electrically resistant or conductive coatings
  • Extreme environment protective coating systems
  • Marine anti-fouling applications
  • Force cure system


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