Synthomer announced today a price increase on acrylic, styrene and butadiene based dispersion and latex products.

Due to continued increases in raw material costs, it is unavoidable to raise prices on a per tonne (wet) basis in Europe for:


by up to 100 Euros

Pure Acrylics:

by up to 70 Euros

Carboxylated Styrene-Butadiene:

by up to 200 Euros


by up to 150 Euros

High Solids Styrene-Butadiene:

by up to 300 Euros

Any other Butadiene containing:

by up to 300 Euros

The adjustment will be effective for all shipments on or after Feb 20th 2017, or as contracts allow and is in addition to all previously announced price increases.

“We are faced with unprecedented cost increases of Butadiene. The European contract price of this key feedstock has risen almost 50% in a month. The rapid escalation in cost of Styrene has further increased the cost pressures. The supply chains are extremely tight on multiple planned and unplanned supplier outages. Hence we cannot rule out further price increases”, says Dr. Christoph Breucker, VP Europe.