BASF to launch new light stabilizers for wood and metal coatings

BASF to launch new light stabilizers for wood and metal coatings

  • Five new, high-performance products from the Tinuvin® DW (N) range for water-based systems
  • Tinuvin® 249 ensures the cost-efficient production of durable, color-proof coatings
  • BASF will present these and other innovations at the 2017 European Coatings Show

BASF introduces new light stabilizers for wood and metal coatings. The five products from the Tinuvin® DW (N) range as well as Tinuvin® 249 will meet the increasing demand for high-performance light stabilizers to formulate durable coatings for exterior use. From April 4 to 6, BASF is going to present these and other new products at the 2017 European Coatings Show in Nuremberg at its booth 523 in hall 7A.

New light stabilizers from the Tinuvin DW (N) range
BASF launches five Tinuvin products, i.e. Tinuvin 123-DW (N), Tinuvin 400-DW (N), Tinuvin 477-DW (N), Tinuvin 9945-DW (N) and Tinuvin 5333-DW (N) – a new generation of aqueous light stabilizers, which meet the increasing requirements in the field of potentially critical ingredients. These new products were developed for water-based systems and do not contain methylisothiazolinone (MIT). No EUH 208 label (May cause allergic reactions) is required, which means that the light stabilizers are suitable for sustainable and environmentally compatible applications.

Tinuvin 249
Tinuvin 249 is a non-basic, hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS). Tinuvin 249 is characterized by a broad compatibility with various systems and enables the production of coatings with a high degree of color-fastness and weather resistance. Due to low levels of viscosity, the cost-efficient light stabilizer additive is easy to incorporate, saves time and reduces waste. Tinuvin 249 has low initial color and shows very good color stability. This is why it is particularly suitable for the production of high-quality clear coatings.

“The trends in the field of light stabilizers are obvious: cost efficiency, increased performance and sustainability. With the new Tinuvin products, we offer our customers innovative solutions to meet these key challenges,” explains Ulf Neidlein, Vice President Business Management Resins & Additives EMEA.

More information on BASF at the 2017 European Coatings Show can be found at:

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