MIDDLE EAST COATINGS SHOW 2017: WACKER Launches New Polymeric Binders for Adhesives and Construction Applications

MIDDLE EAST COATINGS SHOW 2017: WACKER Launches New Polymeric Binders for Adhesives and Construction Applications

WACKER is taking the opportunity of this year’s Middle East Coatings Show to introduce two new VAE dispersions specifically developed for the needs of the regional adhesives industry. For formulating water-based adhesives in demanding paper and packaging applications, WACKER is presenting the new VINNAPAS® EP 6420. This all-purpose VAE binder offers best-in-class performance for nozzle applications, showing excellent running stability without skin formation. Additionally, it demonstrates a good adhesion/cohesion balance, outstanding cleanability, high setting speed and enhanced machine processing. VINNAPAS® EP 6420 allows for formulations with a very broad range of viscosities due to its optimal viscosity and solids content, as well as its high sedimentation stability when diluted to low viscosities.

For difficult-to-bond substrates that require increasingly better adhesion, WACKER has developed the new VINNAPAS® EP 701K. With its higher ethylene content and a rather low glass transition temperature (Tg -10 °C), the VAE dispersion is an ideal base to bond even challenging surfaces. Because of its high bonding strength, quick setting speed and good machine runability, VINNAPAS® EP 701K is perfectly suited for laminating plastic films to coated and uncoated paper. Typical applications include paper bags and boxes, book covers or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) film lamination for furniture. As no external plasticizers are necessary due to the chemical composition of VINNAPAS® EP 701K, it also enables the formulation of adhesives with low migration potential.

For Economic and Water-Repellent Construction: VINNACEL® 201

The new VINNACEL® 201 is polymeric modifier specifically designed for the needs of the region Middle East and Africa. As the VAE-based powder is simply added to local mortars, VINNACEL® 201 is an easy-to-use solution to professionally modify dry-mix mortars with one single additive to improve the workability. At the same time, the product significantly reduces the water absorption, especially in exterior applications. In plasters, tile grouts or skim coats, the powder offers protection against salt formation, efflorescence and dirt pick-up. Further notable are its enhanced bond, compressive and flexural strength. Thus, mortars can be easily and efficiently improved for higher building and living quality. VINNACEL® 201 is therefore an economic solution for water- and weather-resistant decorative plasters that offer good quality and color stability while at the same time being cost-efficient and easy to use.

For versatile Caulk and Sealant Applications: VINNAPAS® EAF 7815

For both building and renovation work, WACKER introduces VINNAPAS® EAF 7815, a dispersion based on vinyl acetate, ethylene and acrylate. The product is an ideal binder for diverse caulks and sealants applications, such as sealing joints on windows, staircases or doors, cracks in walls, or HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems to prevent air leakage. VINNAPAS® EAF 7815 offers a good crack resistance, high elongation and bonding strength, and excellent adhesion to various substrates, especially on concrete and PVC. Plus, the dispersion enables the formulation of paintable and even fire-retardant caulks and sealants. Its excellent workability, reduced odor and cost-in-use advantages make VINNAPAS® EAF 7815 perfectly suited for versatile caulk and sealant applications.

Further WACKER product highlights at Middle East Coatings Show:

Effective Building Protection with SILRES® BS
Water-repellent SILRES® BS additives paints rank among the most advanced facade coating systems with highly functional properties: they are hydrophobic yet permeable to water vapor, have a mineral appearance and are characterized by high hiding power and extreme long-life cycle. Thus, the environmentally-compatible SILRES® BS products enable water-repellent masonry coatings for long-term building protection.

For Bright Colors: PRIMIS® AF 1000
The binder PRIMIS® AF 1000 combines organic and mineral components to deliver a completely novel property profile: The elastic, acrylic-ester-based organic component offers strong adhesion and cohesion, good mechanical properties and enhanced processability. The solid mineral components, on the other hand, have outstanding protective properties and ensure long-lasting, bright colors and reduced dirt and sand pick-up.

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