Aromatic-Free Intermediate for Industrial Coatings-SILRES® IC 235

Aromatic-Free Intermediate for Industrial Coatings-SILRES® IC 235

In industrial coatings, fully crosslinked polysiloxanes are often used to improve the chemical and physical properties of the binder. SILRES® IC 235 is a new, completely aromatic-free, polysiloxane-based intermediate for the optimization of organic binders.

Better UV and Weathering Resistance

SILRES® IC 235 consists of a methoxy-functional phenyl methyl polysiloxane with a low molecular weight distribution. It is also completely aromatic free. At the same time, an addition of only 15 percent is already sufficient to increase the UV and weathering resistance of the organic binder in a coating system without detracting from its mechanical properties. SILRES® IC 235 results in a much better gloss retention, higher weathering resistance and an extended life span.

Higher Temperature Resistance

By introducing a higher percentage of silicone in the binder the temperature stability of the coating system can be improved up to 300 °C. SILRES® IC 235 is ideal for coatings on static metal structures such as bridges or railings as well as industrial plants.

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