Lonza Offers New, Innovative MIT-Free Preservative for In-Can Preservation in Europe

Lonza Offers New, Innovative MIT-Free Preservative for In-Can Preservation in Europe

Lonza is launching a new addition to the Proxel® range of preservatives in Europe at the European Coatings Show from 4-6 April 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany. This new, innovative in-can preservative is designed to address increasing market demand for Methylisothiazolinone- (MIT-) free biocide formulations.

Proxel Spektra™ Preservative is a dual-active, broad-spectrum biocide for wet-state preservation of water-based paints, adhesives and construction chemicals. This novel formulation offers powerful extensive protection at target dose levels that will not require EU H317 labeling.

Proxel Spektra™ Preservative is free from formaldehyde, MIT and CMIT. It is a low-viscosity solution that is pH and temperature stable. It benefits from the use of two complementary active ingredients providing an enhanced antimicrobial efficacy and protection from bacteria in a wide range of industrial applications.

“Regulatory requirements are a key driver for biocide selection. Proxel Spektra™ Preservative has been developed to not only enable customers to avoid the EU H317 labeling requirements but also to provide robust, long-term preservation for the target industries,” said Dave Doles, Head of Lonza’s Materials Performance and Protection business unit.

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