New environmentally friendly binder for zinc-rich paints-EVONIK

Dynasylan® SIVO 140

Coatings formulated with this binder are significantly more temperature resistant than those made with other organic binders. In addition, these products release virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Dynasylan® SIVO 140 is produced using a hydrolysis and condensation method (the sol-gel process). The aqueous binder was specially developed for use in two-pack zinc dust paints. Zinc is usually added as the second component to the aqueous binder. Upon addition, the formulation cures at ambient temperature. Zinc-rich paints are the material of choice for long-term protection against corrosion in situations where other coatings reach their limits.

Due the way it has been designed Dynasylan® SIVO 140 can be used in the already existing equipment. Furthermore, the product has been optimized in order to allow easy formulation with a wide range of fillers and pigments. Also, depending on the application and need thin and thick coatings of the material can be made.

The processing time for any given application depends on the fillers and pigments used. On sand-blasted surfaces, typical formulations can be used for up to seven hours after preparation. The reactive silanol groups are activated during the drying process. This means that coatings are dry after a few minutes and completely cure within a few days. Typical heavy-duty anticorrosion applications include utility poles, industrial equipment, bridges, and ship exteriors.


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