The New Binder for Coatings with Heat Resistance up to 600°C-Wacker

Silicone resin binders for extreme heat- and weather-resistant industrial coatings are often supplied as a solution in aromatic solvents such as xylene. With SILRES® REN 70-M, there is now a powerful alternative which is dissolved in 1-methoxy-2-propyl acetate.

High Protection, low VOC Content

SILRES® REN 70-M is both hard and flexible. In heat-resistant coatings it protects metal surfaces effectively against corrosion even at high operating temperatures or rapid temperature fluctuations. This protection is achieved without the use of aromatic solvents. For SILRES® REN 70-M, 1-methoxy-2-propyl acetate is used, which is biodegradable.

Fast Drying, complete curability

SILRES® REN70-M is characterized by full chemical curability which takes place via reactive silanol groups. The binder already dries tack-free at room temperature. If a catalyst is additionally used, it is possible to achieve complete chemical cure in just 20 minutes at 180° C. As a result, the silicone resin cures faster than comparable products. The cured binder easily passes solvent rub tests.

Wide Application Possibilities

SILRES® REN 70-M is particularly suitable as a binder in coatings for industrial plants, pipelines or engine components. SILRES® REN 70-M also provides the resistance needed for coatings on barbecues, chimneys or wood- and gas-burning stoves.


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