Nanoporous MgO as Self-cleaning and Anti-bacterial Pigment for Alkyd-based Coating

This report briefed about the photo-catalytic and anti-bacterial activities of nanoporous magnesium oxide (MgO Nps) prepared by simple gel-combustion method. Further, MgO Nps dispersed alkyd coating (MOA) was prepared by mixing MgO Nps in resin matrix along with suitable non-toxic additives using high energy ball milling technique. The prepared MOA coating possesses self-cleaning behavior, degrades methyl violet dye when exposed to sunlight. Anti-bacterial activity of MOA coating has been evaluated against Escherichia coli, and Bacillus badius and shows considerable reduction in bacterial-viability. The acquired experimental outcomes suggest the potential use of multifunctional MOA coating as next generation coatings.

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Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry


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