PRIMIS® KT 3000 by Wacker: The High-Performance Additive for Exterior Paints and Plasters in Cold Environments

Low temperatures and high humidity limit construction periods in many regions. One reason is that conventional paint and plaster formulations take too long to cure for proper drying and film formation under these critical conditions. Below 5 °C, standard formulations cause drying, film formation and workability issues. With PRIMIS® KT 3000, paints and plasters can be applied at temperature below 6 °C, thus extending the time paints and plasters can be applied outdoors.

Controlled Flocculation

At temperatures between 1 °C and 5 °C, standard synthetic resin-bound renders, paints and EIFS-finish top coats can be applied if either drying is accelerated, or surface durability is enhanced. Both features can only be achieved by controlled flocculation. Using the right balance between flocculation additive and flocculation inhibitor, the binder is flocculated on the wall during drying and forms a polymer network which protects the system from exterior influences, such as rain, letting it dry completely once the water and coalescence have evaporated.

Doing More with Less Material

The new PRIMIS® KT 3000 works as a highly effective additive for controlled flocculation. It contains zinc acetate which complexes with water molecules and polyethyleneimine which can bond to components in the paint or plaster. PRIMIS® KT 3000’s chemical composition forms a gel-like structure which lets paints and plasters dry at lower temperatures. One to three percent of PRIMIS® KT 3000 in dispersion (50%) is enough: The plaster or paint is mechanically stable at lower temperatures and, after six hours, even heavy rain does not damage the surface.

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