In this work, epoxy/clay (Closite 30B) nanocomposite samples were prepared by using solution and melt dispersion methods The quality of clay dispersion in epoxy matrix was evaluated by using XRD and TEM techniques. The prepared nanocomposite samples were used in epoxy powder coating formulations (named as nano powder coatings). DSC analysis was used to study the curing behavior of samples. The physical, mechanical and thermal properties of prepared samples were evaluated by using tensile, DMTA, microhardness, TGA and LOI tests. Finally, the corrosion resistance of prepared epoxy nano powder coatings was determined using the salt spray test. The results illustrated that closite 30B nanoparticles could be dispersed properly in epoxy resin by using both solution and melt dispersion methods It was found that Closite 30B could accelerate the epoxy curing reaction. The results showed that the mechanical properties of nano powder coatings improved when various concentrations of clay nanoparticle (in the range of 1–5 phr) were used in formulation. It was observed that sample with 3 phr clay nanoparticles presented the best thermal and fire resistance properties. The salt spray measurements confirmed the superiority of corrosion resistance of epoxy nano powder coatings in comparison to that for neat epoxy powder coating formulation.

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Volume 106, May 2017, Pages 69–76