The degradation of corrosion preventative coatings contributes to the high cost and time requirements for maintaining structures in harsh environments. However, the development of new hydrophobic coatings holds the promise of extending the usable life of structures in marine environments. In this work, we quantify the barrier properties and corrosion resistance of two novel highly hydrophobic polysiloxane formulations and the legacy silicone alkyd topcoat used on the topside of Navy’s ships, all with haze gray pigmentation. Based on FTIR-ATR and EIS measurements of the pristine coatings, both the single- (1K) and the two-component (2K) polysiloxane provide significantly improved barrier characteristics (lower water diffusion coefficient and capacitance) than the silicone alkyd. These results were confirmed through a 3-month-long immersion corrosion test, which also showed that the 1K and 2K polysiloxane coatings had comparable degradation characteristic and remained highly hydrophobic.

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Journal of Coatings Technology and Research

pp 1–12