Pub. No.: WO/2017/093375 International Application No.: PCT/EP2016/079383
Publication Date: 08.06.2017 International Filing Date: 01.12.2016
C08L 83/04 (2006.01), H01L 23/29 (2006.01)
Applicants: ELANTAS BECK GMBH [DE/DE]; Großmannstrasse 105 20539 Hamburg (DE)
Inventors: STEINMANN, Andreas; (DE).
BEBENROTH, Kim Bastian; (DE)
Agent: SCHUCK, Alexander; (DE)
Priority Data:
10 2015 224 193.9 03.12.2015 DE
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(EN)The invention relates to the use as a coating or impregnating agent of an organosiloxane composition comprising a) 20 to 98.999989 wt% of at least one polyorganosiloxane comprising at least two alkenyl or alkynyl groups, as component A; b) 0.1 to 30 wt% of at least one linear or branched polyorganosiloxane comprising at least 3 Si-H groups, as component B; c) 0.000001 to 1 wt% of at least one UV-activatable, platinum- containing hydrosilylation catalyst, as component C; d) 0.00001 to 5 wt% of at least one alkynol of the general formula (I), where R1, R2 and R3 independently of one another are selected from H, C1-C6 alkyl and C3-C6 cycloalkyl; or R1 is selected from H, C1-C6 alkyl and C3-C6cycloalkyl, and R2 and R3 are connected to one another and form a 3- to 8-membered ring, as component D; e) 0 to 79.899989 wt% of one or more polyorganosiloxanes comprising two terminal Si-H groups or one terminal Si-H group and one terminal alkenyl group, as component E; f) 0 to 20 wt% of one or more epoxy organosiloxanes, as component F; g) 0 to 5 wt% of one or more organosiloxanes, different from component A and having 1 to 5 Si atoms, and comprising at least two alkenyl groups, as component G; h) 0 to 79.899989 wt% of one or more silsesquioxanes, as component H; and i) 0 to 75 wt% of one or more additives, as component I; where the sum of components A to I is 100 wt%.

One-component, storage-stable, UV-crosslinkable organosiloxane composition

The invention relates to the use of a one-component organosiloxane composition having good storage stability at room temperature, which is crosslinkable to an elastomer by irradiation with UV light.

It is known that hydrogensiloxanes and aliphatically unsaturated compounds, especially vinyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxanes, react with one another in the presence of a hydrosilylation catalyst. For this reason, formulations comprising these constituents are customarily stored in two-component form, with one component comprising the hydrogensiloxane and a part of the aliphatically unsaturated component, and the other component comprising the hydrosilylation catalyst and the other part of the aliphatically unsaturated component. Before the reaction, the two components are mixed with one another. It would therefore be desirable if all three constituents in a mixture could be stored at room temperature without the reaction commencing, and if within this period the reaction could be initiated by irradiation with ultraviolet light or other actinic radiation.

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