Epoxy thin coatings, containing 0.025–0.5 wt.% of carbon nanotubes (CNT), exhibited outstanding combination of transparent and surface conductive properties, showing transparency up to 83% and electrical surface resistivity decreased by up to 10 orders of magnitude, accompanied by the highest chemical resistance to methyl-ethyl ketone, improved thermal stability up to 20 °C, perfect adhesion and considerable hardness. Such significant improvement of numerous properties of coatings was possible thanks to the use of neutralized o-tolylbiguanide/epoxy resin dispersing medium characterized by low viscosity and strong tendency to create π-π electron interactions with CNT. This enabled non-covalent functionalization and dispergation of CNT in varnish via common, industrially applicable one-step process, driven by mechanical mixing.

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Volume 111, October 2017, Pages 196–201