Trinseo Introduces LIGOS™ Binders

Trinseo (NYSE: TSE), the global materials solution provider and manufacturer of plastics, latex binders and synthetic rubber, announced today LIGOS™ Binders, a new name and tag line for its family of latex binders product offerings for textiles and carpet, paper and board, and adhesives and construction applications.

The word ligos means “to bind” in the international language of Esperanto. The LIGOS™ trade name and its tagline, “Strong Bonds. Stronger Commitment,” aim to build a recognizable brand in the marketplace and differentiate Trinseo from our competitors.

“The LIGOS™ trade name speaks to the performance and strength of the technology behind the products and underscores Trinseo’s commitment to delivering solutions to meet customer and industry needs,” said Jan Muller, Global Business Director, Trinseo. “Customers have come to rely on the innovation, collaboration and dedication that sets Trinseo’s Latex Binders apart from the competition, and LIGOS™ will further strengthen this connection we have with our customers.”

Strong Bonds. Stronger Commitment.

As a leading global supplier of latex binders for more than 60 years, Trinseo has a history of working closely with customers on diverse applications including:

  • Paper & Board: demonstrated commitment to the industry with two pilot coaters in both Europe and North America, which provides a unique offering for customers to test products.
  • Textiles and Carpets: highest obtainable standard for its carpet VOC (compliant with global standards) and are able to deliver this solution globally.
  • Adhesives and Construction: averaging over 15 years of collaboration with major customers by providing innovative solutions for the market.

With LIGOS™, customers will continue to get Trinseo’s in-depth formulation and application expertise and global, leading-edge performance polymer technology, while also gaining the powerful connection and commitment Trinseo offers its customers and the industry.


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