Molecular Design for Silane-terminated Polyurethane Applied to Moisture-Curable Pressure-sensitive Adhesive

Moisture-curable silane-terminated polyurethanes (SPUs) served as pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) were synthesized based on different soft-segment materials, silanes and silane end-capping ratios. Depending on peel strength, tack, and holding power, the characteristic properties for PSA, a proper scheme for the design of the PSA molecular structure could be selected. Completely end-capped by silane and assembled by polypropylene glycol, SPU films presented better properties. On the basis of comprehensive considerations, the anilinomethyltriethoxysilane was an excellent silane-end capper for PSA. Otherwise, the obtained PSAs did not degrade below 250 °C. The glass transition temperature and hydrophobicity of SPU samples with different formulas were also investigated.

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