Latin American Coatings Show 2017: WACKER Presents Silicones and Polymer Binders for High-Quality Paint and Coating Applications

Long-Lasting Protection for Wood Surfaces: SILRES®WH 80 A

WACKER is showcasing its SILRES® WH 80 A silicone resin emulsion in the region for the first time. The hydrophobic effect of this emulsion means that wood used outdoors is afforded reliable protection against damp, moisture and any associated consequential damage. What is special about this emulsion is that it retains the hydrophobic properties typical of silicones for many years. It keeps water out but allows moisture to evaporate from the substrate. The 50-percent emulsion is based on a functional silicone resin and can serve as a water-repellent impregnating agent or as an additive for formulating film-forming, pigmented wood stains. SILRES® WH 80 A produces a clearly visible beading effect on wood surfaces. In water-based stains the recommended addition rate is up to 5 percent.

Less Dirt, More Color: PRIMIS® AF 1000

PRIMIS® AF 1000 is a dispersion that combines organic and mineral components to produce high-quality, sophisticated exterior paints: the elastic, acrylic-ester-based, organic component provides considerable adhesion, good mechanical properties and enhanced processability. The solid mineral components, on the other hand, have outstanding protective properties and ensure long-lasting, bright colors and reduced dirt pick-up. The dispersion ensures improved facade appearance also due to reduced leaching of emulsifiers and other water soluble additives (“snail trails”). PRIMIS® AF 1000 is therefore ideal as a binder for long-lasting exterior paints.

Low-VOC Wall Paints: VINNAPAS® EP 3360

A dispersion based on vinyl acetate and ethylene (VAE), VINNAPAS® EP 3360 is suitable for flat and semi-flat paints and plasters that exhibit very high scrub resistance and better hiding power than standard acrylic systems at the same PVC (pigment volume concentration) level. It also has a very low residual monomer content (< 200 ppm) and a very low formaldehyde content (< 20 ppm) and does not need organic solvents or coalescing agents. The dispersion makes it possible to formulate low-odor paints with an extremely low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC < 1 g/l) and is therefore ideal for locations where paints with low emission values are a must – such as children’s bedrooms, hotels and public buildings (e.g. hospitals and schools).

New Binder for High-End Digital Printing Inks: VINNOL® E 18/38

WACKER will also showcase its new low-viscosity binder VINNOL® E 18/38 for high-end digital printing applications. The vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate-copolymer resin ensures excellent droplet formation in solvent-based ink-jet inks. This increases the print quality of the end product and extends the longevity of the printhead. VINNOL® E 18/38 adheres extremely well to flexible PVC along with numerous other substrates and is therefore ideally suited for wide-format printing of advertising banners, but also for cables, screw caps and many other plastic items.

Bubble-Free Self-Leveling Flooring Compounds: VINNAPAS® 5115 L

WACKER is presenting its VINNAPAS® 5115 L dispersible polymer powder for perfectly leveled surfaces. This powder is especially advantageous in combination with superplasticizers for the production of self-leveling flooring compounds and screeds. Their very good defoaming properties results in exceptionally smooth, uniform surfaces without air bubbles while also offering high abrasion resistance, flexural and compressive strength.

Further WACKER highlights at the Latin American Coatings Show:

  • Protection of Mineral Surfaces: SILRES® BS 26
    SILRES® BS 26 is an emulsion that is both hydrophobic and oleophobic, making it ideal for sealing mineral surfaces such as concrete, stone and unglazed tiles. It is resistant to UV and is not film-forming, so it can be used indoors or outdoors, on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Protection against Water: VINNAPAS® 5044 N and VINNAPAS® 8034 H
    The VAE-based dispersible polymer powder VINNAPAS® 5044 N provides strong adhesion – even after continuous exposure to water – high elasticity, outstanding crack-bridging ability and easy processing. It is therefore ideal for durable coatings for sewers, piping, basements, swimming pools and moisture-prone areas.
    VINNAPAS® 8034 H exhibits even greater hydrophobicity. Other outstanding properties of this flexible dispersible polymer powder include enhanced adhesion, scrub resistance and ease of processing, making it ideal for grout mortars, plasters and skim coats.
  • Protection from Graffiti: SILRES® IC 701
    To protect concrete, masonry and metallic surfaces from graffiti, WACKER is showcasing SILRES® IC 701. It is based on polysiloxane polymers, which makes it particularly resistant to weathering. The product dries as a result of a condensation reaction at room temperature by reacting with atmospheric humidity. Multiple graffiti tagging can be removed easily with water.
  • Fire Protection: VINNAPAS® EZ 3112 and VINNAPAS® EZ 3067
    VINNAPAS® EZ 3112 and VINNAPAS® EZ 3067 are dispersions that enhance the adhesion and stability of intumescent coatings. On exposure to heat, these specialty coatings expand to ten to 100 times the original coating thickness, thereby ensuring that the rate at which the load-bearing structures of a building melt or buckle in the event of a fire slows. If suitably formulated, both these dispersions can attain an extremely heat-resistant coating with a fire-resistance rating of F120 (heat protection for up to 120 minutes).

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