BECKOCURE™ EH 2100w/44WA – The Universal Hardener for Waterborne 2K Epoxy Coatings on Concrete and Metal by Allnex

BECKOCURE™ EH 2100w/44WA can be combined with solid epoxy dispersions like BECKOPOX™ EP 2384w/57WA or BECKOPOX™ 387w/52WA to formulate fast drying, early return to service coatings, allowing the application of two coats in one day. Especially for mineral substrates the combination with liquid epoxy is recommended in order to achieve maximum chemical resistances. Corrosion resistance on sandblasted substrates, even at low drying temperatures, is outstanding. The hardener is ultra-low-VOC, contains no free amines and allows for very low odour formulations compliant with increasingly strict environmental, safety and health regulations.

  • Fast drying
  • Low odour
  • Ultra low VOC

BECKOCURE™ EH 2100 is available now for customers worldwide.

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