A novel fluorinated oligomer with tertiary amine structure was synthesized by isophorone diisocyanate, 2-hydroxyethyl acrylate, and fluorinated diol, which was prepared via Michael addition reaction between diethanolamine and dodecafluoroheptyl acrylate. The structure of fluorinated oligomer was confirmed by FTIR. The prepared fluorinated oligomer was added into the UV curable coatings, the influences of fluorinated oligomer on the cured degree and double bond conversion was analyzed by FTIR and gel content. The conversion ratio is increased when the fluorinated oligomer increased, which is due to the tertiary amine structure in the prepared product. The characteristics of UV cured films such as thermal properties, hydrophobicity, chemical resistance, mechanical properties, and hardness were characterized with the TGA, contact angle, and DMA. Results show that thermal stability, hydrophobicity, and chemical resistance are improved when fluorinated oligomer is introduced into the UV curable coatings. The DMA and hardness results indicated that the mechanical properties of UV cured films were improved and the flexibility decreased.

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