Preparation of high solids content waterborne acrylic coatings using polymerizable surfactants to improve water sensitivity

High solids content (60 wt%) poly(methyl methacrylate-co-butyl acrylate-co-methacrylic acid) latexes with particle sizes below 350 nm are successfully synthesized by seeded semi-batch emulsion polymerization using polymerizable surfactant Latemul®PD-104, polymerizable stabilizer Sipomer®Cops-1, and conventional emulsifier Dowfax 2A1. The water uptake of the films containing polymerizable surfactant/stabilizer is compared to that of the films containing the conventional surfactant. For films containing the same weight percent of surfactant, the ones containing Dowfax®2A1 absorb more water due to surfactant aggregation within particle interstices. When polymerizable surfactant Latemul®PD-104 and polymerizable stabilizer Sipomer®Cops-1 are used hydrophilic pockets are not formed and the water absorption is reduced.

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Volume 112, November 2017, Pages 200–209

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