Coatex Latam Sales and Technical teams have selected topics of interest to be introduced to the market and welcome you at the Arkema booth #8 for technical discussions and exchanges.

Abrafati 2017

Continuously innovating and developing new additives to fulfill ever more demanding constraints and requirements, Coatex shares its new technical findings.

At the International Coatings Congress:

  • Coapur™ XS 83, a unique control of the Rheology for Industrial Coatings
    October 3 – 13:45 Auditorium Additives
  • Rheotech™ M 03, new generation of thickeners for Putties, Grafiato and Textured Coatings

At the Product Presentation Area:

  • New generation of Associative Acrylic Thickeners (HASE) for Waterborne Coatings.
    October 5 – 15:00 Av. D / Street 8