n this work series of high-solids crosslinked hybrid networks based on the comb-like structure fluorinated epoxyfunctional siloxane modified with the epoxy-terminated urethane oligomer and cured with diethylenetriamine, were obtained. The structure of the obtained poly(urethane-siloxane) thermosets was confirmed by FTIR spectroscopy. The thermal properties of the samples were investigated by DSC and TG analyses. The coupled TG-FTIR-MS technique for analysis of gases evolved during thermal decomposition of hybrid materials, was employed. The water contact angles, water absorption and some performance properties of the obtained hybrid coatings were also investigated. The synthesized poly(urethane-siloxane) networks are basically hydrophobic materials. An increased amount of epoxyurethane resulted in a decrease of glass transition temperature, Persoz hardness, and thermal stability as well as in increase of water absorption.

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Progress in Organic Coatings

Volume 112, November 2017, Pages 118-126