Nowadays, researchers working in the realm of coating or related industries are expected to propose novel materials with multifunctional capabilities. In this work, novel nanocomposites based on poly(ethylene-co-vinyl-acetate) (EVA) copolymer, hydroxyapatite (HA), carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and ammonium polyphosphate (APP) are proposed and examined for thermal stability and flammability. Thermogravimetric analysis and cone calorimeter tests evidenced that HA/CNTs combination presents a promising effect on both thermal and flame retardancy behavior of EVA. Cone calorimeter results approved in a similar manner that the incorporation of only 5 wt.% HA-CNTs into the EVA significantly drops peak of heat release rate (pHRR) (around 37%). The flame retardant effect was further improved when HA or HA-CNTs were associated with APP. The pHRR decreased by 76–77% for EVA containing HA or HA-CNTs and APP compared to the neat EVA. The performance of developed nanocomposites was compared with more than 100 flame retardant systems previously reported in the literature.

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Volume 113, December 2017, Pages 207–217