Two fluorinated photoinitiators, named as 2959-IPDI-F and 2959-IPDI-F-HDDA, were successfully synthesized and characterized. The photochemical behaviors of 2959-IPDI-F and 2959-IPDI-F-HDDA were investigated through the photolysis and polymerization of 1, 6- hexanediol diacrylate. The oxygen inhibition was obviously decreased due to the migration of fluorinated photoinitiator to the surface, which was proved through XPS, SEM-EDS. The higher concentration of photoinitiator at top layer accelerated the polymerization rate and reduced the oxygen sensitivity. A fluorine element enriched and folded surface could be developed only through simple photopolymerization initiated by fluorinated photoinitiators.

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Volume 114, January 2018, Pages 102–108