Preparation of new biobased coatings from a triglycidyl eugenol derivative through thiol-epoxy click reaction

A new triglycidyl eugenol derivative (3EPO-EU) was synthesized and characterized by spectroscopic techniques, and used as starting monomer in the preparation of novel bio-based thiol-epoxy thermosets. As thiols, commercially available tetrathiol derived from pentaerythritol (PETMP), a trithiol derived from eugenol (3SH-EU) and the hexathiol derived from squalene (6SH-SQ) were used in the presence of 4-(N,N-dimethylamino)pyridine as the basic catalyst. A flexible diglycidyl ether derived from hexanediol (2EPO-HEX) was also introduced in order to enhance conversion in formulations containing 6SH-SQ. The evolution of the curing was monitored by differential scanning calorimetry. The materials obtained are rigid at room temperature and showed Tgs up to 103 °C. The thermal stability, thermomechanical and mechanical properties were evaluated and discussed in terms of the structural characteristics of the resulting materials.

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Volume 114, January 2018, Pages 259–267


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