This work describes a study on the incorporation of waterborne fluoropolymer dispersions into paint formulations to act as a film forming binder for matting purposes. The waterborne fluoropolymer dispersions were prepared employing miniemulsion polymerization, reaching concentrations of 80–100 wt% of the fluorinated polymer in the backbone. Afterwards, different pigmented paints were prepared using the waterborne fluoropolymers as self-matting co-binders. Different strategies were used to incorporate the waterborne fluoropolymers into the paint formulation, which also included the partial substitution of commercial matting agents. The pigmented paints were applied onto different substrates and the matting efficiency evaluated. The results clearly showed that these waterborne fluoropolymers can be used as an alternative replacement for commercial matting agents, while adding value to the coating by offering enhanced hydrophobicity as compared to regular acrylic binders.

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Volume 116, March 2018, Pages 57–69