Core-shell is structured particles having several chemical compositions. The advantages of these particles are arising from their specific design, to be used for decreasing the costs by employing inexpensive material (natural ore or waste material) as carrier for thin shell of active material. This work is based on preparing ferrites/silica core-shell pigments and comparing their inhibition efficiency to original ferrites. These pigments have shell of different ferrites comprising 10-15% on silica fume (core) which is a by product in the ferro-silicon industry comprising 85-90%.

The prepared core-shell pigments were characterized using TEM, EDAX and XRF. These pigments were integrated in epoxy-based paint formulations, the physical, mechanical and corrosion properties of dry films were examined. The corrosion properties were studied by using immersion test in 3.5% NaCl for 28 days.

This study showed that, these new eco-friendly and inexpensive pigments are similar in their inhibition performance to ferrites, i.e. they exhibited high corrosion prevention.

Domestic waste materials were reused in paints and only simple modification was used and then their effectiveness showed similar performance to that of the original pigments.

Ferrite and ferrite/silica pigments are environmentally friendly pigments that can replace other hazardous pigments (e.g. chromates) with almost the same quality in their performance; also they can be used in industries other than paints, e.g. paper, rubber and plastics composites.

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