Synthesis of polyurethane dispersion from polyesteramide polyol

To synthesise polyurethane dispersion from polyesteramide polyol. The polyesteramide polyol is a novel polyol for the synthesis of polyurethane dispersion.

Polyesteramide polyol has been synthesised from phthalic anhydride and fatty amide of mustard oil.Aminolysis of mustard oil had been carried out with diethanolamine. The novel polyurethane dispersion had been synthesised using a polyesteramide polyol as a precursor.Isophorone diisocyanate (IPDI) was used as an isocyanate component and PUDs had been synthesised by an anionic method where DMPA was introduced to introduce –COOH groups as via grafting to the resin backbone. Triethylamine (TEA) was used for neutralisation and hence for further dispersion in water. Hydroxyl ethyl methacrylate (HEMA) was used for the synthesis to introduce unsaturation in the backbone of polyurethane dispersion (PUDs).The coating was made by an UV curing process. The coating was characterised for mechanical properties, chemical properties, thermal properties as well as stain resistance.

The polyurethane dispersion formed through it has ester and amide linkage presents it. The acetone process is used for the synthesis of same.The NMR confirms the successful formation of polyesteramide polyol and PUDs.Even though long aliphatic chains present in polyol which may impart hydrophobicity the synthesis PUDs well dispersed in water.It is observed as the coating made from it have hardness and scratch resistance properties.The coating also has good stain resistance properties.

The method is a simple and easy method to synthesise polyurethane dispersion from polyesteramide polyol which is based on ester and amide linkage.

To our best of knowledge, this is the first report on synthesised polyurethane dispersion from polyesteramide polyol.The polyesteramide resin already proves its excellence and upcoming technology in the coating industry.Here they are incorporated into the synthesis of polyurethane dispersion.


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