NX-8401 Is Here to Solve Your Waterborne Epoxy Problems! Cardolite

Cardolite is introducing a new waterborne, emulsion-type curing agent for epoxy coatings. NX-8401 is completely free of solvent, low viscosity and easily reducible with water allowing the formulation of zero and very low V.O.C. coatings. The excellent compatibility of NX-8401 with various epoxy dispersions and its ability to easily disperse pigments and fillers give coatings scientists wide latitude to formulate high performance waterborne epoxy coatings.

NX-8401 was specially designed for anticorrosion coatings applications that require long lasting substrate protection. Coatings based on NX-8401 provide superior corrosion protection even at thin film thickness with excellent adhesion to various types substrates such as blasted and cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and concrete. These coatings can be quickly recoated with typical topcoat technologies such as acrylics and polyurethanes in room temperature or baked cure applications. The fast development of good anticorrosion properties after short cure cycles enables fast productivity and cost savings. Moreover, the fast recoatability does not come at the price of workability. On the contrary, coatings based on NX-8401 are of long pot life regardless of the epoxy dispersion used lowering risks of failure in the field.

Additional benefits of NX-8401 include increased flexibility and improved color retention for formulators considering epoxy waterborne coatings as an option for topcoats.



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