Hempadur 15600 by Hempel-Versatility for the offshore oil & gas industry with fast drying cargo tank coating

An International Maritime Organization Performance Standard for Protective Coatings cargo oil tank compliant coating, Hempadur 15600 provides excellent resistance to continuous immersion in a range of hydrocarbons including crude oil up to 90˚C/194°F.

Hempadur 15600 provides exceptional flexibility for customers, the high temperature resistance offers excellent performance at temperatures where conventional pure and modified universal primers can have limited resistance. Unlike many other cargo tank coatings, Hempadur 15600 can be applied at temperatures as low as -5˚C/23°F.

Hempadur 15600 delivers fast drying and curing properties resulting in a hard, smooth and easy clean surface and is re-coatable after six hours. For our customers, this means significant time and cost savings during dry-docking and maintenance.

Maurice Steijger, Group Offshore Manager at Hempel A/S comments:

“Hempadur 15600 gives simplicity for construction yards and versatile corrosion protection for owners and operators, particularly those in the FPSO sector”.


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