Recently Launched UV LED Inks Offer Competitive Advantages: Flint Group Shares Details at Print UV

To stand out in the competitive offset printing arena, printers look to UV LED technology for better print, greater efficiency and improved pressroom flexibility. Recently launched XCURA EVO UV LED inks deliver on all three fronts, according to Flint Group, the second-largest printing ink manufacturer worldwide and developer of the XCURA EVO ink series.

Better Print
“The secret to XCURA EVO UV LED inks is the advanced resin technology,” says Rod Balmer, Global Product Development Director of Energy Curable Inks. “The proprietary formulation offers far greater gloss, color strength and dot sharpness.”

Greater Efficiencies
Increased efficiency means faster processes and decreased costs – both of which XCURA EVO UV LED can provide. Good for the wallet and the environment, XCURA EVO inks demand less energy and, due to excellent transfer properties on all substrates, generate very low waste.

Improved Pressroom Flexibility
Tyler Newsom, Sheetfed Product Manager, notes that “XCURA EVO inks excel in a wide variety of pressroom conditions. They perform outstandingly on all major printing presses – with new and retrofitted equipment – even at the highest speeds.”


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