Currently, the most popular methods of protection against corrosion is the application of protective coatings containing the anticorrosive pigments, such as zinc phosphate. However, with regard to the ecological reasons, this compound has been withdrawn, and new environmentally friendly compounds are being searched. The objective of studies was to obtain zinc-free phosphate pigments containing strontium, calcium and aluminum. The chemical composition, the physicochemical and anticorrosive properties of obtained materials were determined. The oil absorption number of prepared pigments was in the range of 43–88 g of oil/100 g of the product. The average particle size was 270–400 nm. The specific surface area of obtained materials was low (2–76 m2/g). The majority of these products exhibited good anticorrosive properties for steel during an electrochemical noise tests.

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Volume 119, June 2018, Pages 44–49