Novel lypohydrophilic porous fillers that can function as micro-reservoirs to store lubricating oil as a low-friction and anticorrosive agent in a composite coating were developed. The novel oily particles were added to an epoxy resin (EP)-based coating to study the effect of lubricating oil on the anti-corrosion and the low-friction performance of the coating. The electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and the sliding wear tests demonstrated that the oily particles can significantly improve the barrier property and the wear-resisting performance of the EP coating. Furthermore, the friction coefficient of epoxy resin-25% lubricating celatom coating (0.4) was lower than that of the epoxy resin-25% PVDF coating (0.55), and the wear rate was lower by a factor of eight. The enhanced wear resistance can be mainly attributed to the lubrication performance of the lubricating oil stored in the porous particles. In addition, the hydroxyl group on the porous particles enhanced the crosslinking with the epoxy resin.

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Volume 119, June 2018, Pages 57–64